Saturday, June 25, 2011

Invitation to participate online in 3 days of presentations about Information Technologies and older people

Please forward to any of your networks that may be interested – events open to all.

You are invited to participated, as and when you are able, in three days of presentations that will be webcast live to the Internet. You will be able to view at home and ask questions to accompany the discussion live in the lecture room. The face-face presentations are part of the British Society of Gerontology annual conference and a pre-conference ‘Festival’ of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on 4th-6th July being held in Plymouth. The timetable is as follows (all times UK summer time):

Monday 4th July 1-5pm. Festival of ICT and Older People
This is aimed at a wide audience of older people, researchers, service providers and includes papers on ICT for all, social networking, the Internet and dementia, telehealth, the Internet of things, cultural uses of the Internet, Intelligent home environments, and robot companions.  Details of this can be found at . If you are in South West England you might like to attend in person. Otherwise you can view and comment online (details below).

Tuesday 5th July. Academic papers on The Role of Technologies for Older People
Further details can be found on the academic programme at Two sessions from the conference will be webcast.
12-1pm.  There will be three short academic papers with the opportunity to comment or put questions online (details below).
2.10-3.30pm. A symposium entitled Knowledge Transfer for Extending Quality Life with opportunity to comment or put questions online (details below).

Wednesday 6th July. Grey and Pleasant Land Symposium
Further details can be found on the academic programme at This session from the conference will include presentations on mobility and travel, the cultural heritage of rural minority groups, and older people’s cultural contribution to rural life.
2-3.20pm. We are particularly hoping that participants from the Grey and Pleasant Land project will be able to join the online audience to comment or put questions (details below).

How to participate online
You need an Internet connected computer that plays sound. You do not need a password and you do not need a webcam or microphone. If you have any comments or questions you can type them in the ‘chat room’. You log in by going to
(This page also provides more information (and a test link) about webcasting if you are having any technical difficulties. On the list of events you will see an ‘orange box’. Click on that link. It will take you to a grey page that asks for your username. Put your first name and surname as one word (e.g. rayjones). You do not need a password but have to click on the box marked guest. You should see and a hear a  video in the top left of your screen. You can comment by typing in the box at the bottom. If you have technical difficulties you can try emailing me (although I may be busy with the presentations). Please do not use the chat room for technical difficulties. It is a good idea to be logged in well before the start of your event of interest.

Feel free to pass this on to friends and colleagues anywhere in the world.


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