Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bristol Wiki Academy 1

Today I'm attending the first Bristol Wiki Academy.

The event organised by WikiMedia UK is a bit different for me - not a university event - just a bunch of interested individuals thinking strategically about mutual benefit. Several local and national organisations are attending to learn about how individuals and organisations can collaborate with wikipedia and related services.

Steve Virgin introduced the day and set out the purposes of WikiMedia UK. Martin followed with housekeeping and an overview or vision statement. He described some of the statistics about the projects and focusing down on wikipedia. Some of the current and future challenges were explored.

The next presentation by Alex gave an introduction to wikipedia "what it is and what its not" based on the [ five pillars]. Questions developed into some of the detail of editing with demos from several people in the room to the article about Klaus Dodds.

I followed describing quality assurance and collaboration demonstrating it by showing the history of Sweet Track. This led to discussion of quality and vandalism.

Martin talked next about collaboration and edit reversion. Will Avery then talked about uploading images and some of the relevant wikicommons & licencing.

After a nice lunch Alex presented about teaching with wikipedia. He described campus ambassadors and their role. Steve added wider ideas about city or regional ambassador. Martin talked about setting up watchlists and then Steve went "under the hood" examining the media wiki software on which wikipedia runs. The Alex presented more on the Galleries, Libraries and Museums (GLAM) outreach work. Victualers (Roger) then described some of the successes of the collaborations with the British Museum and Derby Museums, including the use of QR Codes.

A high level of audience participation occurred throughout. A final discussion included whether free contributions were replacing paid roles.

Pictures & slides to follow.

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