Thursday, December 09, 2010

DOH to sell Dr Foster

The Department of Health has announced that is will be selling the governments stake in Dr Foster.

They says this is because "The decision to market the business for sale comes after the Government's Spending Review framework in June which urged Departments to focus on essential activities, maximise value from assets that do not need be held in the public sector, and ensure value for money for the taxpayer".

Back in November 2009 in a post on this blog: NHS hospitals performance debates and league tables I posted about some of the problems with data collection and analysis for hospital league tables. This followed previous posts in which I have been critical of the relationship between Dr Foster and the NHS information centre, and the culture of secrecy which surrounds it.

I'm glad we will finally see a separation between the department and this company, but I have not yet seen any announcements about whether Dr Foster will still have "privileged" access to NHS data.



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