Tuesday, August 03, 2010

? iPads in healthcare

As the new owner of an iPhone I have been noticing several discussions about the use of apple mobile devices in healthcare settings. Yesterday the US site "nursing" published a piece entitled What the iPad May Mean for Medicine which attempts to examine the advantages and disadvantages - and overall seems to be quite positive about the possibilities.

This got me thinking about the likelihood of iPad use expanding in UK hospitals. It is an interesting idea but I remain to be convinced that staff will easily accept it. We shall see.

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  • Hi Rod,

    Great news! I am a research participant of an iPad study at the University of San Francisco and we have been given an iPad to use in teaching this semester. Currently, I am looking at if the use of the iPad will increase student-instructor relationships. And, I am having the students use different apps (more on the different apps later) during the course of the semester in groups. I have many articles gathering and just applied for a Fulbright Scholarship and using the iPad in a clinical study if that all transpires.

    Thanks for sharing this article with the blogosphere and hope you are very well.



    By Blogger M2H, at 10:49 pm  

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