Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Health Informatics Specialist Workforce Development Strategy for England

A new Health Informatics Specialist Workforce Development Strategy for England is being developed, based on research and intelligence gathered from across the NHS and other key stakeholder groups and organisations. The aim is to have a draft ready for consultation in May/June 2010.

To help inform the content and to test out ideas and assumptions, two workshops are to take place aiming to bring together a cross-section of stakeholders from a wide range of groups, disciplines and levels. The workshops will be open to those working in and working for the NHS with a vested interest in informatics workforce development. Places will be limited to 50 and will be offered on a “first come, first served” basis.

Who should attend?

The workshops are aimed at: Health Informatics specialists working in and for the NHS, at all levels (Information Management, ICT, Health Records, Clinical Coding, Libraries and Knowledge Management, Education, Training and Development staff, Clinical Informaticians, Project and Programme Managers - including senior managers and leaders from all disciplines).

They are also keen to involve other stakeholders from non-Informatics professions, such as Directors of Finance, Directors of Commissioning, Human Resource and Workforce Planning leads, Public Health Intelligence staff, other Healthcare Scientists and professional bodies.

They would very much welcome your input into this strategy and welcome your attendance at either of the workshops. Please follow the links below to register.

Thursday 25th Feb, Friends House, Euston Road, London, to book your place, please use this link-

Thursday 4th March, National Railway Museum, York, to book your place, please use this link -

If you have any queries, please contact



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