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Friday, October 02, 2009

HI Now - NI2009 special

The latest edition of HI Now from the British Computer Society has now been published and is available in PDF from

It has a special focus on the Nursing Informatics conference with reports on:

Sensory enhanced health information systems

The related concepts of consumer oriented and driven
healthcare services, and the increasing relevance of
home and mobile monitoring devices to improve personal
independent living were discussed throughout the
NI2009 programme.

Personal health information management systems

The topic of the NI2009 post conference was Personal
Health Information Management Systems (PHIMS):
Tools and Strategies for Citizen’s Engagement
(in their health care).

Human computer interaction

The human computer interaction stream at the recent
Nursing Informatics conference (NI2009) included a look
at the online managed knowledge network that shares
knowledge in eHealth in Scotland.

Outcome measures and ethical competence

The human computer interaction and ethics and nursing
informatics streams at NI2009 provided delegates with a
new set of challenges.

Pre registration education
Carol Bond provides an overview of the pre registration
education stream that ran through NI2009.

Educational informatics

A discussion based around five presentations covering
educational aspects of health and nursing infomatics.

Evidence based practice

A report on the strand of the NI2009 conference that
focused on different ways of providing evidence to
clinicians to help them make decisions at the point of nursing care

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