Friday, September 11, 2009

Help build nursing on Webicina

Scott Erdley and Peter Murray are seeking recommendations on good quality online nursing resources to contribute to:
1. a "PeRSSonalized Nursing" tracking tool as part of the suite of resources on
2. a "Nursing and web 2.0 collection" also as part of Webicina.

Webicina ( has been developed by our colleague Berci Mesko.

Please email us with any of the following that you know of or can recommend. We will collate them into a suite of resources and work with Berci on making them available:

1. quality resources in each of the following categories:

- nursing journals
- nursing blogs
- nursing news sites
- nursing web 2.0 tools such as Youtube channels, Twitter users, link collections, etc.

(they should for preference already have RSS feeds - which may preclude many nursing journals ;-)) )

2. additionally, quality nursing resources in these categories.
  • podcasts
  • community sites
  • wikis
  • mobile applications
  • slideshows
  • clinical cases, images
- any other online resources for nursing (and midwifery and health visiting) - not only nursing informatics - especially ones with a Web 2.0 component.

Please send all recommendations to Peter Murray ( or @peterjmurray on Twitter) and/or Scott Erdley ( or @scotterdley). Please share this request with your colleagues, especially the non-informatics ones.


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