Monday, September 28, 2009

New hardware for GP consultations - research participants required

At City University London we are running a small study to explore the potential for new hardware technologies, such as tablet PCs and tabletop computers, to be used in GP consultations. We are looking to recruit London-based General Practitioners (GPs) and General Practice Registrars (GPRs) to take part in simulated consultations.

It is expected that participation will take no more than an hour. Each participant will be required to take part in three simulated consultations.

Participants will be paid £50 as a thank you for their time and participation. Travel expenses will not be paid.

The study will take place in the Centre for HCI Design’s Interaction Lab.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Rebecca by either telephone or email.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Med students crossing the line on the Internet - EarthLink - Health News

Med students crossing the line on the Internet - EarthLink - Health News: "Med students crossing the line on the Internet"
I suspect it was only a matter of time before this happened?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Medicine 2.0'09

The Medicine 2.0'09 conference is happening now (September 17-18) in Toronto, Canada - Peter is adding materials mainly to the 'official blog' for the event at There are also many other people tweeting the event - search Twitter using the #med2 hashtag

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Friday, September 11, 2009

UK Faculty of Health Informatics - forthcoming events

The UK Faculty of Health Informatics seems to be emerging as a significant force in getting people to think about the growing HI discipline & its growing role in healthcare policy and practice. They have just announced a masterclass and two think tank events over the next few months.

Delivering High Quality Care for All through First Class Education and Training :
Engaging, enthusing and ensuring that Health and Social Care staff are competent and confident when implementing new Information systems

UK Faculty of Health Informatics Master Class
Thursday 24th September 2009
Langwith College, University of York

This event aims to:

• Explore some of the challenges and solutions available to improve clinical and managerial understanding of and engagement in informatics projects across Health and Social Care

• Identify examples of good practice from Health and Social Care in ensuring that users are engaged, enthused, confident and competent prior to go-live in informatics projects

• Investigate the availability, use and effectiveness of competence based tools to support the implementation of informatics projects and meet the wider workforce development needs of Health and Social Care staff.

• Identify the potential benefits that informatics projects can derive from gaining a common understanding of the existing informatics competence of staff.

• Identify effective approaches to working with Suppliers and the Education sector to deliver effective training to support the successful implementation of informatics projects in Health and Social Care.

Further Information: Bruce Elliott, Coordinator of the UK Faculty of Health Informatics at: or Andrew Raynes, who is the specialist lead for this event for the UK Faculty of Health Informatics at:

For more information contact:

To book on to the event go to:

Providing High Quality Care for All – ensuring that we address the need for effective information sharing between Health, Social Care and Children’s Services

UK Faculty of Health Informatics - Think Tank

Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
27 Sussex Place, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4RG

20th and 21st October 2009

Day 1: Information sharing to further improve the care and protection of children

Day 2: Information sharing to further improve the care and protection of vulnerable adults

Aim of the event:

To identify how UK wide Health and Care Services and their Informatics teams can best support the effective and safe sharing of patient/service user information between health, social care and children’s services in order to improve care and reduce risk to children and vulnerable adults.


• To identify the main lessons learned from recent inquiries and clinical incidents where poor information sharing between different agencies and/or professional groups has caused risk to patients / people who use services
• To highlight existing tools and examples of good practice that ensure that information is shared effectively across Health, Adult Care and Children’s Services within the UK and further afield
• To identify ways in which service users’ confidence in the quality and handling of their information and understanding of their condition can be built and their concerns addressed
• To make recommendations to the main agencies in the UK Informatics arena on how best of breed approaches can be used across Health, Care and Children’s Services

For further information or to share ideas about the content of the event or to share posters at the event contact: Bruce Elliott, Coordinator of the UK Faculty of Health Informatics at: or call: 0778 6705 955

To book on to Day 1 of the event focusing on Children's Services go to:

To book on to Day 2 which focuses on Adult Care go to:

Delivering High Quality Health Care for All: Bringing the social and technical together for a joined-up approach to deliver supporting systems and rechnologies

10th/11th December 2009

Organised by the UK Faculty of Health Informatics and the BCS Socio-Technical Group

Core idea
This 2-day Think-Tank event has been set up to discuss and report on how to Health and Social Care employers and other key stakeholders in the Informatics field might bring about a joined-up approach to the implementation of electronic health records, one that brings together changes both in technology and in the social practices around it.

The National Audit Office’s report on “Delivering successful IT-enabled business change” see: and the University College London Evaluation report on the Early Adopters of the Summary Care Records project (see: both highlight the challenges of implementing technology-based projects within a fixed time line and how this can reduce the opportunities to get a more “user-centred” approach to change.

In many sectors of the UK economy the drive to get the technology ‘on desk, on time, and on budget’ can mitigate against developing a full understanding and consideration of how the changes may be of real practical value to users and customers.

It is increasingly recognised that ‘technology-push’ will not be enough in its own right to achieve the full benefits and efficiencies that are being sought in service delivery. Rather, we need to bring about innovations both in the technical systems, and in the working practices, work roles and processes that surround them. Put bluntly we need a more joined-up approach to change. This has been variously called ‘user-centred’ or ‘socio-technical’ or ‘holistic’.


The objectives of this event are to discuss and subsequently report on –
• What does such a joined-up approach mean in practice?
• What examples exist from across the UK Health and Social care sector where such approaches have been used?
• Who has to do what, to make it happen consistently across the NHS and Social Care services?
• How will we know if it is succeeding?

If you wish to attend the Think Tank, please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Bruce Elliott, Co-ordinator of the UK Faculty of Health Informatics at by 28th September 2009.

I wish I could attend all of them.

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Help build nursing on Webicina

Scott Erdley and Peter Murray are seeking recommendations on good quality online nursing resources to contribute to:
1. a "PeRSSonalized Nursing" tracking tool as part of the suite of resources on
2. a "Nursing and web 2.0 collection" also as part of Webicina.

Webicina ( has been developed by our colleague Berci Mesko.

Please email us with any of the following that you know of or can recommend. We will collate them into a suite of resources and work with Berci on making them available:

1. quality resources in each of the following categories:

- nursing journals
- nursing blogs
- nursing news sites
- nursing web 2.0 tools such as Youtube channels, Twitter users, link collections, etc.

(they should for preference already have RSS feeds - which may preclude many nursing journals ;-)) )

2. additionally, quality nursing resources in these categories.
  • podcasts
  • community sites
  • wikis
  • mobile applications
  • slideshows
  • clinical cases, images
- any other online resources for nursing (and midwifery and health visiting) - not only nursing informatics - especially ones with a Web 2.0 component.

Please send all recommendations to Peter Murray ( or @peterjmurray on Twitter) and/or Scott Erdley ( or @scotterdley). Please share this request with your colleagues, especially the non-informatics ones.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Japan points to wireless health’s future? | mobihealthnews

Japan points to wireless health’s future? mobihealthnews: "Japan points to wireless health’s future?"

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I've just received the latest IMIA monthly news bulletin (no. 5, 04 September 2009)

For more frequent news updates, see IMIA News site at

IMIA website:
MedInfo2010 website:
For all official IMIA communications, please use

*** IS SEPTEMBER 30, 2009

a] Early bird registration deadline
b] Please publicise locally
c] Registration and accommodation site
Forthcoming events
a] IMIA Working group activities
b] National and regional events
2009 General Assembly meeting
METHODS4 Table of Contents


a] Early bird registration deadline

Early Bird Registration open until 18 December 2009
Register and pay on-line at

b] Please publicise MedInfo 2010

Please publicise MedInfo 2010 in your national societies, groups, among colleagues, and through any mailing lists you may belong to. We wish to encourage widespread awareness of the event, scientific submissions, and attendance.
Consider putting a link to the MedInfo 2010 website in your email signature file.

c] Registration and accommodation site open

The site for conference registration and accommodation booking is now open - via the main MedInfo 2010 website, or directly at

Forthcoming events

a] IMIA Working group activities

IMIA Working Group on Human Factors Engineering in Health Informatics symposium - Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, Sonoma Valley, California USA on November 12-13, 2009, just prior to the Annual AMIA Symposium in San Francisco. See the event website: (or via

IMIA Working Group Security in Health Information Systems (SiHIS) Working Conference on the theme ¡°Trustworthiness of health information ¡­ Issues in security and system management for patient safety¡± - International Conference Center, Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima, Japan on 21-24 November, 2009. See the event website:

b] National, regional and other events

The following is a selection of forthcoming and newly notified events. We ask IMIA members to register their events through the IMIA website to hekp us in publicising them -

Medicine 2.0¡ä09: 17-18 September 2009 at the MaRS Centre, Toronto, Canada.

HINZ09 ¨C the 8th Annual Conference and Exhibition of Health Informatics New Zealand ( ¨C will take place on 30 September ¨C 2 October, 2009 at the Energy Events Centre, Rotorua. Information is on the conference page at

eHealth Forum 2009: 8 ¨C 9 October 2009 at the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, 99 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong.

HIMSS10 (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference and Exhibition): 1-4 March, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

EFMI STC (Special Topic Conference) 2010: 2-4 June, 2010 in Reykjav¨ªk, Iceland.

MIE2011, the 23rd international conference of EFMI, the European Federation for Medical Informatics: 28-31 August, 2011 in Oslo and Akerhus in Norway.

2009 General Assembly meeting

The 2009 IMIA General Assembly meeting will take place on Wednesday November 25, 2009 in Hiroshima, Japan (and the IMIA Board on 24 November). This will be in conjunction with the 'Collaborative Meetings on Health Informatics - CoMHI 2009', which will include APAMI 2009, Working Group and other meetings, and many associated activities in the period November 21-25.

Full information will be available through the IMIA website and at:

METHODS4 Table of Contents

METHODS of Information in Medicine is an official journal of IMIA. Volume 48, Issue 4 is now available - the Table of Contents is at

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