Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Next week (28 June – 1 July) will see the NI2009 conference (10th International Congress in Nursing Informatics) taking place in Helsinki Finland.

The programme looks interesting covering:

Nursing Informatics – Connecting Health and Humans

• Individualized Care with Interoperable Information Systems
• Improvement in Health Care Governance
• Innovative Education Transforming Future Health Care
• Increasing Nursing Knowledge through Data Warehouses

The Congress Program will consist of the following 10 themes:

1. Clinical Workflow and Human Interface

2. Patient Safety

3. Consumer Health Informatics and Personal Health Records

4. Education for Consumers and Professionals

5. Evidence Based Practice and Decision Support

6. Health Information Technology

7. National eHealth Initiatives across the Globe

8. Patient Preferences and Quality of Care

9. Strategies and Methods for HIT Training

10. Terminology, Standards and NMDSs

Unfortunately I will not be attending, however my colleagues will be reporting via a variety of media and I will try to keep up with developments via blogs, Facebook, twitter etc. Full details are available on the Health Informatics Blogs Portal.

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