Monday, March 30, 2009

Farewell NLH welcome NHS Evidence

The final newsletter of the National Library for Health has just been published.

This edition celebrates the past 10 years of the National Library for Health and looks towards to the future of NHS Evidence.

It also includes pieces on:
* The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement bid farewell to the National Library for Health
* What Will Happen To The National Library for Health
* NHS Evidence Update
* Specialist Libraries: April Annual Evidence Updates
* Map of Medicine Update: Over 360 Map Pathways now available on NHS Choices website
* Clinical Knowledge Summaries
* TDAG Conference 2009
* New Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Licence for the NHS in England: Q&A
* KM Specialist Library Update

Having been involved in some of the early discussions about the NLH (or NeLH as it was called then) it is interesting to look back on achievements and question whether the original vision has been achieved - on reflection probably not - and the number of people who have been involved in the central service and all of the specialist libraries.

It will be interesting to how the lessons learnt will be applied in the new NHS Evidence service which aims to be a web-based service that will help people find, access and use high-quality clinical and non-clinical evidence and best practice. Built around a powerful search engine, the service will consolidate information from a wide range of sources in one central portal.

NHS Evidence will be formally launched on 1st April - why do these things always launch on April fools day?

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