Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blogging Med-e-Tel 2009

As Bob Pyke has already mentioned (see post of 22 March), the Med-e-Tel 2009 conference takes place next week, 1-3 April, in Luxembourg ( Thanks to Bob's recruitment, Peter Murray will be there, and presenting in the tele-nursing session. Unoftunately, Bob will not be able to be there this year - so I'll have to wait to get the promised beer out of him ;-)

Peter will be blogging and Twittering from Med-e-Tel; blog posts will be at and tweets will be on Peter's Twitter stream ( and can be easily located by searching Twitter for the hashtag #medetel09 If you are on Twitter and want to interact, ask questions etc., then please use the hashtag in your tweets, else you might get overlooked.

As well as the 'normal' blog posts, if connectivity, energies, etc permit, then I may again try using Coveritlive to 'live blog' some of the sessions - which gives another opportunity to interact. See and other SINI2008 posts for examples of how Scott and Peter used this in Baltimore, last year.

For a flavour of Med-e-Tel, you can also look back at our colleague Scott Erdley's reports from last year's Med-e-Tel; see the med-e-tel category at

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