Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Professionalising Health Informatics portal from CfH

The NHS's Connecting for Health has today launched a new portal for Professionalising Health Informatics, or PHI for short.

It claims to be an online 'one-stop shop' portal supporting personal and professional development in Health Informatics (HI), however the limited amount of resources availability didn't impress me.

I'm not really sure who it is aimed at - presumably NHS staff in England - and they might find it useful - but others may argue that its limited scope and extensive use of NHS (& general "management speak") jargon off putting. Several mentions of "selecting the options to the right-hand side of the screen" when there weren't any options on the right hand side also put me off.

It is promised that the portal will be expanded and kept up to date so I hope it becomes more useful in the future.

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  • Thanks for the pointer to this, Rod. I had a quick look around the site and also have not been overly impressed so far. Like Rod, I find it difficult to see who the site is actually aimed at, and to have limited resources and less than helpful navigation.

    In the Library section, the links to the National Health Informatics Collection are dead, as is the link to UKHIS and to the LearnDirect ECDL pages. While I fully support the open access model for publishing, providing links only for the open access journals is a little restricted.

    Just doing some tracking back and forth, I also landed up on the 'Capability and capacity' pages. As usual, NHS CfH seems to find it difficult to keep its links (even internal ones) up to date. The section titled 'health Informatics' was full of 'page not found' problems - not a good advert for informatics practice!

    I am sure some of those responsible for the site will say that I am nit-picking as usual, and maybe the site is not aimed at the likes of me and Rod; but I am not impressed so far.

    By Blogger Peter, at 6:07 pm  

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