Friday, December 05, 2008

Web 2.0 for Health & Social Care - Northern Ireland Seminars

Today I am in Belfast to give a couple of seminars on Social Networking tools & Web 2.0 applications for the Northern Ireland Health and Personal Social Services.

The first breakfast seminar, at the Beeches Management Centre, went well, with about 15 people attending including health promotion staff, managers and board members along with colleagues from the university.

The presentation talked about the growth of blogs (including this one), social networking sites, wikis such as wikipedia etc and tried to raise questions about the motivations people have for using them (rather than specific technologies). Some of the potential benefits for health and social care staff, patients, clients and the general population were highlighted along with some of perils with examples ranging from NHS Exposed to wikileaks demonstrated. Interestingly one of the blogs I was going to show, Dr Rant, was blocked by the local firewall as "tasteless" which beutifully illustrated some of the points I was making about access v censorship issues. I then went on to talk about some implications of these technologies for health and Social Care and concluded with a few issues which the participants might want to consider further.

As I expected, some of my comments may have challenged the controlling, hierarchical culture of the organisation, but from the questions and comments which came up I think may have may some of the participants to think both about the potential benefits as well as the perils of using some of the tools.

I'm repeating the seminar at lunchtime at a different venue which is being webcast to three other centres and it will be interesting to see how it goes down then (I will try to keep it a bit shorter as I overran my allotted time the first time around).

The second presentation at Ulster Hospital was attended by less people but video conferenced to two other sites.

The session was captured on video and will be made available at a later date but no-one seems quite sure where yet - because of issues with firewalls blocking video streaming. The PowerPoint presentation is now available via slide share. & available below:

Web2 0 Persentation Rod Ward
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: web 2.0)

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