Saturday, December 06, 2008

Latest issue of UK Health Informatics Today

The latest issue of UK Health Informatics Today (UKHIT no 57, Autumn 2008) was published yesterday.

It is a special themed issue which examines a variety of eHealth solutions which facilitate new forms of communication between clinicians and between clinicians and patients. The overall message in the varied and optimistic papers is that text messaging, PDAs, ubiquitous medical devices and Web 2.0 applications will allows patients and professionals to "do the previously impossible".

The contents include:

* Putting ICT into STI Management
* EpiSurveyor: An Open Source Revolution in Data Collection
* Using Ajax for Cleaner Software
* Text Messaging for Health Promotion Among Adolescents
* Designing for the Hospital Environment: Focusing on the Context
* Exploring the Role of Metadata in Health Information Applications
* Application of Mobile Computers and Wireless Technologies in Clinical Dentistry

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