Friday, December 12, 2008

Good government information management in the internet age

Over the years I have been known to criticise government departments for their information management processes, but today I have been surprised by the efficient way the National Audit Office is handling the reorganisation of information on its web site.

In 2006 I posted some comments on the NAO's report into The National Programme for IT in the NHS. Since then we have all moved on & I had forgotten about it.

Today I received a very helpful email explaining that The National Audit Office’s (NAO’s) website had been relaunched today, and that links on my web site/blog to the NAO pages would be broken. Unfortunately there is no direct correlation between old URLS and new URLs.

A member of staff had carried out searches of my website (I'd like to know the software that did it & generated the email) and provided new links to replace the existing ones. The email detailed which pages on my site were affected and gave clear details of the old (broken) link and provided the appropriate new link.

Well done to staff of the National Audit Office for appropriate management of information in the Internet age.

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