Sunday, November 09, 2008

The web-based Personal Health Record - research implications report

An interesting report has recently been released which examines research implications for patients, consumers, health services and UK industry arising from developments in the web-based personal health record.

HOIP CIC was commissioned to undertake a scoping study into the implications of the web-based personal health record (PHR) and the resulting research priorities on behalf of the NIHR invention for innovation (i4i) programme and for the DH Policy Research Programme.

The report examines the following areas:

* The perspectives of participants and contributors to the study
* The challenge of commissioning and delivering research in web 2.0 timescales
* Policy implications and alignment
* Confidentiality, access and trust
* The user/consumer perspective
* The service perspective
* Technology perspectives
* The industry perspective

The report identifies 39 themes for further more detailed research. The research team are inviting those reading the report to take part in an online questionnaire to categorise these themes by their level of strategic or operational priority and the timescale within which the research needs to take place.

The full report, survey and forums to discuss the issues raised can be found at:

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