Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RCN workshop - getting eHealth into pre-reg education

Today I attended a workshop at the Royal College of Nursing to examine strategies aimed at including eHealth in the pre-registration curricula for student nurses in the UK. It was attended by a variety of key players in the field.

Dame June Clark, as the chair of the RCN Information Forum, opened the day with an overview of the work undertaken by the project so far and the objectives for the days workshop.

David Baker, from the RCN Association of Nursing Students, described the findings of an online survey of students which had explored how prepared they felt for aspects of eHealth. We have been asked not to share the results yet - they will be published later - but they did include a few surprises, perhaps due to the question wording or survey methodology.

Some questions and discussion from the audience included views from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This was followed by Bernice Baker who had led much of the work of the project who highlighted some of her conclusions from the survey and challenged the workshop participants to come up with actions to address outstanding issues during the rest of the day in group work.

A range of issues were identified in the groups which are relevant to increasing eHealth in the pre-registration nursing curriculum, and high level strategy to influence key players and organisations (including NMC, HPC, SHAs etc), many of whom were represented on the workshops, explored.

The 30ish points identified will be prioritised by the participants via email lists and a report written which highlights these within the RCN and externally to other bodies.

It will be interesting to be able to discuss the findings of the survey and workshop when they are published.

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