Friday, October 17, 2008

Embedding Informatics into Clinical Education Project (e-ICE)

The NHS's Connecting for Health has initiated a new project under the title "Embedding Informatics into Clinical Education Project (e-ICE)"

A main objective of the e-ICE project is to produce a revised edition of Learning to Manage Health Information, the curriculum framework developed to embed health informatics in pre and post-registration education for all clinical professions.

The scope of this project is to undertake:
* An appraisal of the current and future issues affecting health informatics and clinical education (the outputs of this appraisal will be incorporated into the revision of LtMHI).
* A review of the most appropriate methods for embedding health informatics into pre-qualification and post-qualification clinical education.
* A review and update of the standards set out in LtMHI (1999) and LtMHI (2002).
* Any other information which will contribute to health informatics education and development for clinicians.

The consultations will take place through workshops in York and London and via e-Space, the NHS Connecting for Health web platform.

The workshops will gather invited stakeholders together to provide expert input into the revision. Some work has already been carried out to describe the changes in both clinical education and informatics since the 2002 edition. The workshops will develop this further and consider how the 2002 edition needs to be revised to meet the needs of current and future clinical and informatics education.

Workshops will be held:
5th November 2008 (10.00 - 16.00) The King's Fund, London
13th November 2008 (10.00 - 16.00) National Railway Museum, York

To book onto either workshop and for further information please go to:
London 5.11.08
York 13.11.08

Consultation for the project will also take place via the e-Space platform.
This is available at To join the group you first need to set up a login on eSpace and then join the 'Embedding Informatics into Clinical Education' community.

The development of a health informatics curriculum framework and embed this in pre and post-registration education and training for all clinical professions has a long, and not entirely successful history. Learning to Manage Health Information (LtMHI) was published in 1999 with the front cover adorned with the logos of 28 endorsing organisations, including the General Medical Council.

A revised version of the framework following feedback from its target audience was released in 2002; “Health Informatics Development for Clinical Professionals: Making Progress” in 2004; and “Learning to Manage Health Information: Into the Mainstream” was published by the Information Centre for Health and Social Care in 2006, adding to the guidance examples of practical solutions to some of the issues apparently preventing further use of the framework.

Some if the issues identified included:
* Focus within higher education establishments tends to be on IT and not health informatics
* Students need but often don’t have access to systems during training
* Health informatics should be built into and be used to assist the building of professional portfolios for the purpose of annual appraisals
* Regulatory and professional bodies need standards guidelines and advice
* Lecturers need guidance and support
* Informatics competence should be assessed

Further work has been undertaken on the curriculum for medical students, however this project aims to target all of the clinical professions. It will be interesting to see if it has more success than previous projects in the same area.

For further details or to get involved in the project contact:


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