Friday, September 26, 2008

T-Mobile, Android, and Google Health?

I'm excited about the new T-Mobile G1 coming with Google's Android on it. That means we'll have a full, open source web compliant platform to develop not only health, but other applications. The browser and built-in tools will be fun to play with! T-Mobile is expanding its network to address deadzone or low service issues. One prognisticator claimed that at least 10% of the cell market would be on Android by 2010. That could be because of the other, supposed inside rumors.

That is the other good news, though rumor: The G1 is going to have a much lower price than iPhone, perhaps as low as $79 with a 2-year plan, and be sold in Sam's Clubs, Targets, Walmarts, and a few others, with even pay-per-minute plans. That could boost a lot of people getting and using them, especially the lower-income folks. Keep in mind these would be the people we'd want to target for health applications, especially, since the poor are unfortunately tied to more health issues (for lack of resources to manage).

I have little doubt it means GoogleHealth will be avialable on it. Imagine the things we can do for healthcare then... a true, mobile personal health record!

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