Saturday, August 30, 2008

Update on the XO OLPC

Hopefully others will get together and form groups in their areas too and support health education projects and even personal health record projects on this platform.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful "ramblings." I was particularly intrigued by your first idea about using the XO to teach health concepts. I am aware that the infant and child mortality rates in developing countries is a huge problem and that so many of the deaths would be preventable if proper hygiene were practiced. Health Education is certainly a critical piece of the puzzle.

This week our support gang group is going to be discussing possible ideas for educational content and this is certainly something we will look at.

You are correct in saying that the main focus of OLPC is education.There is, however, a lot of interest in using the XO for health applications. You will want to visit this page on our wiki:

And you will want to sign up on the health mailing list where you can discuss your ideas with others:

OLPC does not do fundraising. However, there is nothing to prevent you from doing something at Vanderbilt as you mentioned. In fact, you might want to start a campus interest group that could get involved in making many of your ideas a reality. We have a guide for starting a campus group on our wiki at:

One problem with your ideas is that OLPC doesn't sell XOs for anything other than education projects at this time. However, later this year weare planning to have another Give One Get One (G1G1) program. The donorsin this program are free to use their own XO in any way they choose.You can watch for news of the next G1G1 on our wiki at:

Now, let me just address a few of your other ideas...

Actually, both items 1 & 2 are education projects....maybe, if you could interest a group of schools in participating in a pilot project with these as a focus, you could do a regular deployment.

#3 Would be dependent on having wireless Internet service available which is a problem in many developing countries.

#4 Great idea

#5 Don't count on the hand crank being available. Solar panels however,are ready to go. If the workers are too far apart, you will need to have a server to allow them to communicate.

#6 A great idea. The American Red Cross Disaster Relief could use this one too.

#7 Alas, scabrous requires Windows. Most XOs will not have Windows available.

#8 Others have had some of these ideas too. Someone has already found away to hook up a stethoscope. Check this wiki page:

#9 Another good idea. Actually the Red Cross plans to have laptops with built in satellite Internet access soon. However, the XO wouldn't work for them since it does not access satellite Internet signals and doe snot run Windows (all of their programs are Windows based).

So the answer is, your ideas are good...not wild ramblings at all.

Please use the links I have given you to make contacts with other like minded folks and see if you can make some of your ideas happen!

Caryl OLPC Support Volunteer



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