Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0 - discussion paper

A new peer-reviewed paper just released on JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research - is titled "Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0: Tensions and Controversies in the Field" >>>

I have not had chance to read the full paper yet, but it looks like a useful contribute to the ongoing discussions of the nature of the two memes - and hopefully will promote some useful discussion if it is going to be presented at the Medicine 2.0 Congress next month ( It has a lengthy reference list, which is valuable in itself, pulling together much of the recent discussion, and has used a thematic analysis of the definitions and discussions.

The major findings included:
"Four major tensions or debates between stakeholders were found in this literature, including (1) the lack of clear Medicine 2.0 definitions, (2) tension due to the loss of control over information as perceived by doctors, (3) the safety issues of inaccurate information, and (4) ownership and privacy issues with the growing body of information created by Medicine 2.0."

I will provide an update and further thoughts when I have read the paper. And just a heads-up that Rod and I, amongst others, will be at the Medicine 2.0 Congress in Toronto, and will be blogging it, no doubt.

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