Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nurses, Midwives & Healthcare Staff CfH conf June 2008

NHS Connecting for the health will be running their third annual "A conference for Nurses, Midwives & Healthcare Staff: Cultural Change in Professional Practice - The Information Revolution" on 17th June 08 at the Central Hall Westminster, London

The conference aims to: "provide delegates with an opportunity to learn more about the National Programme for IT and how it will deliver better and safer care, from a clinical and patient perspective. There will also be an update on the progress which has been achieved over the last twelve months, and an opportunity to see live demonstrations of some software packages. A Q&A panel will provide people with an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback about their own experiences of using IT. An interactive session will also demonstrate key areas of the programme such as Lorenzo (patient administration system), essential IT and training on the job and clinical assistive technology. Speakers at the conference will include Chris Beasley, chief nursing officer, Susan Osborne and Barbara Stuttle, joint national clinical leads for the nursing professions.

Further details & booking form.

I hope to be attending this one & will do a report on this blog.

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