Thursday, February 07, 2008

Patient access to their health records

A paper by Chesire GP Amir Hannan entitled "The Paradigm Shift in Healthcare - overcoming challenges in giving patients access to their electronic records" appeared in the first edition (Jan 2008) of the new Journal of Communication in Healthcare.

In the article which is available in full text at
he suggests that "Changes in society mean that patients may now have the opportunity and desire to view their electronic health record and share it with others electronically". The paper goes on to explore many of the drivers and barriers to achieving this ideal. He concludes that "Properly implemented, this will lead to a significant improvement in the quality of healthcare
delivery and outcomes and a further strengthening of the ‘partnership of trust’," and that "Communication between, and learning from, doctors and patients will further support the paradigm shift in healthcare and movement into ‘real-time digital medicine’.

This article was first published in Journal of Communication in Healthcare Volume One Number One (January 2008). For further details on forthcoming content and how to subscribe, visit:


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