Thursday, February 07, 2008

HC2008 conferences

Unfortunately I will not be in the country to attend the HC2008 event which is to be held in Harrogate UK on the 21st-23rd April.

This year the format has been changed to cover the key areas:
* the implementation of national programmes;
* current priorities and forthcoming challenges;
* making innovative technologies work;
* improving the capability and capacity of the healthcare-informatics workforce;
* management of patient safety and privacy;
* using information and ICT to provide better care and support for disabled, elderly and otherwise infirm or vulnerable people;
* delivery of multidisciplinary care across sectors;
* practical issues in, and funding for, informatics research;
* transformation of services; and
* understanding how healthcare works.

A brief description of each conference may be found at

Or click on the following link for a quick overview by day


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