Friday, January 25, 2008

Florida Nursing School Taps iPods, Patient Simulators for Training

Nursing students at Seminole Community College use patient simulators to learn new medical procedures without risking patient safety. The students also use video iPods to study medical procedure demonstrations and listen to lectures. Orlando Sentinel.

With the state facing a nursing shortage, the technology is intended to ensure that students graduate ready to work in hospitals. The nursing school uses three simulators -- "SimMan," SimBaby" and "Noel," a simulator of a pregnant woman. The simulators can help students learn "decision-making without hurting the patient," Cheryl Cicotti, director of nursing at Seminole Community College, said.

The patient simulators also let nursing students experience rare medical conditions that they might not have the opportunity to treat in a clinical setting because more experienced doctors or nurses would handle them.

In addition to the patient simulators, nursing students also use video iPods to study new concepts and skills. Students can load the iPods with lecture videos, demonstrations of medical procedures and electronic flash cards to review medical terminology, the Sentinel reports.Cicotti said students sometimes bring the iPods with them to the hospital so they can review an instructional video before they perform a procedure themselves,0,2029650.story


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