Thursday, January 10, 2008

28 questions in the Data Sharing Review

In October 2007 the UKs Prime Minister has asked Dr Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust, and Richard Thomas, the information commissioner, to conduct a review of the framework for the use of information in the private and public sector.

There have just published, on the Justice Ministry web site the 28 questions they wish to gain public and expert views on.

The terms of reference are to:
* consider whether there should be any changes to the way the Data Protection Act 1998 operates in the UK and the options for implementing any such changes
* provide recommendations on the powers and sanctions available to the regulator and courts in the legislation governing data sharing and data protection
* provide recommendations on how data-sharing policy should be developed in a way that ensures proper transparency, scrutiny and accountability

I think this is an important area for public debate and development and shouldn't just be a knee jerk reaction to recent high profile data losses. I would encourage everyone with an interest to participate.

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