Thursday, December 06, 2007

QDOS v ego ogle

I've been asked to take part in Beta testing of QDOS, which is a new web site which aims to rank you based on your online activity. If you give the site your name and post code it calculates you a score, if you then tell it about your web site, blog, social networking profiles etc it then adds these into your score.

The result gives you not just a numerical score but also measures of; popularity, impact, activity and individuality - but I can't find (or validate) the algorithms it uses. It also lets you compare your score with others - but at the moment most of these are premiership footballers, Nobel Prize winners etc - so I'm not sure how valid this is.

I will admit to previously putting my own name into Google - the so called ego ogle - and watching page ranks for sites I run, but I think doing this too often is probably a sign of egotism.

I can't see either of these mechanisms being used in a future Research Assessment Exercise - but I do wonder if the metrics currently being developed will reach the same heights the citation indices have for academic publishing in paper journals as a measure of esteem.

By the way my QDOS score is 3703 - what is yours? I wonder if this post will put my score up?

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    By Blogger Nigel Freeney, UK Nursing Ltd, at 10:06 pm  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Nigel Freeney, UK Nursing Ltd, at 8:13 am  

  • Hi Rod,

    I managed a score of 2,693 but I'm not exactly sure what status that conferes upon me. Still it is an interesting idea. I duly added in my newly created blog and Wikipedia account along with IMDB and managed to scrap up to 2,725 - still a rather poor showing compared to your rating.

    I checked the details of your rating and you only have one link showing so I assumed that you had entered in a lot of detail and then removed them - maintaining your score but avoiding exposing to much of your personal details.

    I tried removing some of my listings including my blog profile which resulted in my score plummeting to around 2,100. At this point I discovered I couldn't put the blog listing back because the form didn't like the format of the url which was through and it was looking for As a result my score now stands at around 2,500 (the shame of it!)

    So this makes me a little suspicious that your score may well be in part due to the number of Rod Wards there are showing on the Internet "The Collective Rod Ward" - methinks they still have some work to do with this.

    I am also somewhat concerned that they haven't yet thought through the privacy implications of submitting your name your postcode and your Ebay username. Most individual Ebay users I have come across actually want to remain unknown.

    The icing on the cake is that when you look down the terms and conditions there is a paragraph which states that the details of users submited to the beta site are fully available to the public visitors. This should be the first point in the Terms and Conditions. Lots of users are lazy and companies rely on this when they add things to their terms and conditions. The least they could do is add in an index at the top with an entry stating "Privacy warning to Beta Testers!"

    I get more than a little annoyed when important issues are hidden in lengthy terms and conditions.

    By Blogger Nigel Freeney, UK Nursing Ltd, at 8:15 am  

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