Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NHS Connecting for Health

Well, folks, I was invited to offer an 'outside' perspective on this UK phenomenon. Well, then, here goes nothing :
- I rec'd a forwarded message from someone (Rod I think and sometime in early November?) about this website about the NHS Connecting for Health.
- The message indicated it was only for UK folks (after a fashion). So, I thought i'd try and see if I could get an account.
- Viola! I was in and good to go. Not sure why but I was able to get in when others were not. Interesting site to be sure. I was only able to peruse it a few times but didn't seem to have many restrictions.
- However, Nov. 27th I rec'd an email stating this site was down for long-term maintenance. However, I was steered to another site if I really wanted some CUI tools: a Microsoft site - 
- A promise was also included in this Nov. 27th message: "Access to content will be restored to the site in early 2008". So, I guess I'll just wait.

I'm told this sort of thing seems to be a pattern of the NHS. Is it?


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