Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Interesting calls for papers

I get lots of calls for papers sent to me (by all sorts of means), but two I've received in the last 24 hours stand out....

The first is the ICMCC Event at the University of Westminster June 9-11, 2008, which is entitled Patient Empowerment – The Power of Information

The main themes of the conference are:

* Electronic Health Record (EHR) Approaches
* Patient Record Access
* Compunetics
* Data- , Information-, Knowledge Management

Further information is available from their web site

The second call is from the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) open-Access peer-reviewed transdisciplinary journal with a high impact factor.

They, along with others in the field, are sponsoring "Medicine 2.0"(TM) conference in 2008 and JMIR will publish a “Medicine 2.0” Theme Issue focusing on Web 2.0 applications for health, health care, and the future of medicine. It will contain peer-reviewed research articles, reviews, and opinion articles (submission deadline for full articles: Feb 15th, 2008).

Examples for topics that are within the scope of the theme issue as well as the conference include the following:

* Collaborative Filtering and recommender technologies
* Consumer empowerment
* Personal health records and Web 2.0
* New models of academic / scholarly publishing and peer review
* New models of e-learning, patient education, medical training and continuing medical education
* Youth and digital learning
* Business models in a Web 2.0 environment: User-generated content is free - so who makes money how? What is the role of the private sector?
* Developing and nurturing online communities for health
* The nature and dynamics of social networks • Web 2.0 approaches for clinical practice, clinical research, quality monitoring, public health and biosurveillance
* How patient - physicians relationship change based on Web 2.0 platforms
* Virtual health care learning environments
* Use of Web 2.0 applications in health care and education
* Semantic Web applications

This looks like it will be a god conference and themed issue of the journal - now all I need to do is get this paper written (as well as all the others I'm supposed to be working on) & get the boss to pay for the conference & give me the time to go - whenever & wherever it is held.


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