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What are The Standards I Should follow as Medical Informatics Developer , project Leader , Freelancer Project Luncher ..?

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–The Discussion–

What’s The Standards Should I follow as Medical Informatics Developer , project Leader , Freelancer Project Luncher , Project Analysis Admin , Medical Project’s Marketing ?!!!!

Let’s say we had been working on that issue since 11 months , That made me stop some of projects i already started ..

What do i need ( Through This Question and Your Answer )? :

1-I Needed a Base Step to Start up from .

2-I Need some Standards Rules That I can Follow . and never cross classic Medical safety redline in my projects …!!!

3-I need pathway system to follow these rules , to prevent and avoid any unexpected event, issue or problem , that what could destroy the system .. or change it’s aim , or Avoid any Misuse

4-I need The Complete Medical , Clinical , Practical , Social wide , World wide , Informatics space and Security wide Views , To Consider on my work ..

5-a Future That we Fear … : prediction The Feature is Not that simple easy for Medical project , Nor That Free-Risk …… what’s My Red limits to realize i passed through the dangerous zone of ( Miss Use ) Social Risk ( Community Safety Line ) ?!!!

6-There is NO Risk-Free Medical Informatics project ( almost ) they’ll be Under The Vision of some dark/red eye for MissUse and Infiltrate , How we can Avoid That ( by Federal Law as example Or International law ) if there is Not Standards and Punishment ?

P.s : as a doctor and Developer ( as well as worked in Marketing also as in Project Analysis/Planning for sometime ) I have some answers for the 30 Questions , but it’s some how an Armature Answers ( am Just a Computer and Informatics Geek ) My incomplete answers need your Points of View to can consider them as answers …

So here i passed to you the Main basic Questions

Hamza E.e Mousa -

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