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Miscommunication In The age Of Communication 02

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still continuing the Discussion about miscommunication , here is my 2nd replay related to this topic with more explanation :

” You Can’t Ease the Communication for Doctors Till You fix the MisCommunication in the medical Environment , so however Health2.0 , Medicine 2.0 will be effective in 30% only in it’s use , we have to Focus On the reality as We Focus On The Virtual Reality … cause The reality is the core . ”

we were talking about miscommunication as a failure of the system .. but i figured i have to as the Base Question ” is it a Malpractice ? and if its , is it Malpractice caused by the system or the individual doctor ?” ….

so if we classify the problem and assign it to it’s real name and classification , we will be able to :

1- detect the real cause ( causes ) behind it .

2-improve our treatment to the problem , we just don’t want a superficial treatment as we need a core treatment . ( superficial treatment always temporary , and could hide the problem symptoms sometime )

3-can predict what’ll happened if this problem became massive at the future
4- avoid the future massive consequences coming from it .

so my first point to classify the problem to it’s real ( name , classification and category ) before we start working on it ….

that simple matter ( problem classification) will help us to realize the how big the problem is ….. and how much we should be concerned to fix and cure it …

Miscommunication IS a System Malpractice
Can be Fixed if we fixed the bugs in the system , it’s not just about the doctor … however it’s not similar to the common medical errors , mistakes or accidentals malpractice …

the other Medical errors , mistakes AND/OR Malpractice are individually ( or at least Miseducation , Mis-supervision Or Carelessly) based …. but my point , Miscommunication is a System Based Medical Malpractice …….

thou . it can be fixed , and it’s consequences could be avoidable ….

in my study case i notice :

it’s based in egypt or at least my Area :

1- The Doctors : Miseducation to the rule of communication , sharing and Team consultation concept ….. ( Happened to be in medical school for years , they thought us Solid Science NOT the Core and the soul of medicine , Am Lucky to have my father and some great friends “Doctors ” from Egypt UK , India and Europe who helped me a lot )

2-The Patient and His relative themselves :
here in egypt : i can’t say there is No captain in the Ship ( just in the hospitals * Should BE. ) in the real life it’s too much different

Himm Let’s Simplify the Patients to 2 Categories :
1-who know Doctor ( Family Doctor , Doctor in The family , Friend )
2-Simple patient : who is lonely , do everything by himself … ( Let’s say the normal pathway for any patient , as it should to be , ***** In Corrupted system )

Here : The Patients don’t just go for second opinion : but they went to the 10th opinion ( not cause of the trust but cause they mistaken understand the simple medical rules , and they some what without guidance ) … so imagine some how the doctors Calling their colleagues asking for the case ( Just the current case ) , and believe me , as they should ask they should ask also about ( who ,when , where , which , why , how .* The complete medical history ) we have complete defect in this matter….

So miscommunication here is common ….

Capitan of the Ship is already here in 5 different form :
in my state , ( * at Least My City ) every family got many doctors already , so Myself as a case study : here is all my friend and their families considering me as their own private doctor , who’ll seek for the disease , and choose the specialists , and where to do the operation ….etc ….

in my family there is many doctors ….simply there is Capitan of the ship , and Happened to be that one Who cares … ( family , friends ) let’s say the role of the old Capitan of the ship is still existed in Egypt .. in that simple form …..

as a one happened to be in this situation many times , my father for thousands times , i believed it’s Matter of ( care , trust and believe ) between the Patient and That Captin in the ship , ( There is some how misunderstanding Leading TO Confusion of The trust Between the patient and his Doctor ) .

The patient who choose this Capitan of the ship …… we don’t choose the ship ……..

i have to learn myself how to talk medicine common ( In Dialects Arabic Egyptian ) as well ( to help the patients understand me and that’s the first way to the trust and believe )

In about 7 years in the Med School : They don’t Thought us How to Communicate with Patients ( In the common Language *Dialects Arabic Egyptian ) , Even with Other Colleagues ( as team work or to share , discuss , exchange )!!!!!!!!….

If ( If ) : They Thought us How to :
1-speak common !!! to communicate with the patients.
2-corporate with our colleagues …
it might be fix the problem and hold it down ..

so it’s bug in the system ( Miseducation and postgraduate connections ) ….

also after speaking with many doctors all over the world , they suffer the same problem some how …. :(
The Massive Miscommunication in Egypt only Happened in Hospitals , at the Consultation ( which is based on the only lonely patients with no doctor he knows to guide him to choose and decide his final choice and decision ..
( The Patients already asking for many opinion , imagine how he could choose a treatment himself without help of Guidance ?!!! )

Miscommunication as i see came from : Miseducation

Miscommunication Leads to Misunderstanding , and Misjudgments ….

Leading to Mistreatment , and Finally Malpractice of the system …

Failure of the system … is unavoidable with massive Miscommunication ….

Hamza E.e Mousa


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