Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Medinfo - Conference Dinner

BCSHIF supported delegates at Medinfo 2007Graham Wright
Last night saw the conference dinner. The evening started for me with a pleasant drink with the UK delegates supported by the British Computer Society Health Informatics Forum (BCSHIF), before we all headed for the convention centre.

The food was good with several choices being placed alternately on the tables and then trading occurring - they also managed to meet the needs of those with special dietary needs - which hasn't always happened a the events. The table I sat at had toasts to just about everyone and everything we could think of - largely lead by the BCSHIF Treasurer.
The Swinging Martinis
The entertainment was provided by The Swinging Martinis a pair of comedy singers, and their supporting dancers and then a good band who performed covers of well known songs from the last 30-40 years which got the dance floor humming.

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