Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sorry the Medical Info and Patient’s Details not for Yellow Pages

Still searching and working on the medical Privacy system . And patients Privacy , may be that developer knows more than i do to lunch that kind of project , and with perfect system to provide a privacy protection and consider the public safety .

I reported the Health Minister at that country , and no response yet , another Individual action taken by another developer , who realize the dangerous satiation of this event … so he cracks the site and dysfunction it….

some people are really excited to help , but take Individual Moves that cause problems may be more than that problem they need to solve…. as an example of an Arabic identity “ so to get excited , and easy to forget the cause !! “ ..

Current Situation :

- The nonspecialist’s moves and people who are not aware of those kind of situations ….. seeing it as good effort , project for humanity ..etc and admire the developer move.

  • The Developer , Don’t know , Realize , search or even ask before he lunched his project.

..didn’t give the project sometime to study , he is just seeing the problem as making the people helping each other ( Chaos never provides help ) .

  • He is seeing the usability of the project not the feature of the project , and the Technical issues , and considers the Organs donations ( or Trading ) as some kind of Fantasy … ( even there is a some people already used the site for that ).

  • The Health Ministry at the Targeted Country shows no response Yet… my be it’ll take some time before they response or take a real action …

  • Medical standards and Protection of those Medical Standards , for situations like this still amature … but soon or later we need to developed a Medical Standards for e-Medical Info Protection .

-The developers asking me why i made that move against his move in public , well , first your project consider the people life and affect the public safety , so this is not matter of personal suggestion or personal thought , or personal discussion …. it’s Something crosses the red line of all medical standards that’s i should save as a Doctor .. your mistake doesn’t considered as Crime “ even it’s indirect one “ but still considered as Crime ….

-another one at the developer's blog , seeing the patient's data belong to them and they have the right to publicize it and publish it where they want , as example some adds in newspapers , " I need a Kidney , for (......) , any one for donation or selling we buy " , interesting issue , especially when the official desks could never control this public medical adds in the future ..

- a doctor from another Arabic country , working at the Health Ministry , contact me , telling me , "ignoring the project that's could kill it , we don't need people excitement and emotions to convert the serious issues to public adds at news paper , we could be doing th solid ground Historical bureaucracy as you called us , or involve those kind of projects which lunched by people unaware of medical issues . "

Questions :

-Is this an Isolated Situation ? Yes and No.

….quite Yes cause it’s regarding the most common Arabic use and mode of thinking “applicate without spending sometime to study … “

…..No , cause we need to set medical standards for medical info protection , Freedom of Speech never considered as using the Patient’s Data in yellow pages ….

-Medical Data !!? :

Medical Data , Patient’s Details , Public Safety , and Medical Studies Data, is quite sensitive fields , and Unexperienced , people never help as soon they are from the common solid medical background …

  • some email asking me about the Mafia , and how it could be involved in those kind of projects ?!

Simple answer : unofficial projects , provided from Individual moves , away from the official support and supervision ., will provide open Portal , or Open Market for the Unofficial Organizations or Individuals , may be those could be Map. Or even Doctors ( who are involved in the underground activities ) …

simple point :

Advertising = advertising for any thing , requests , offers …… = Open Market => Money , Money as the most curse for the humanity for ages => will provide the reason/ Motivation , for the people who will used the advantage of the Situation …(what ever who are those people) ,…..


That’s why : the Medical Data is not for the Yellow Pages

resources :

The developer site.arabic

Dr.Hamza Emadeen Mousa


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