Thursday, July 05, 2007

Medical/Scientific Softwares at Linux repositories

n My Hypernation mode i was testing and trying some new linux distro editions , such as Linux Mint , Ubuntu , DreamLinux , Elive , Pclinux 2007 , Samlinux and finally Mandriva Linux Spring 2007…*

Linux as Free Open Source Operating System , provides new variations in options and choices of the daily common use software with free alternatives ones , such as Open Office (writer , spreadsheet , Presentation , drawing , base ) as an Alternative for Ms.Office ( word , excel , power point ,and access ) ……..But The real disadvantage of using Linux was : ( for normal users ) is how to install software!! , there was no default standard install system for the softwares , each software with special Instruction file to configure and install it , sometimes the instructions need an advanced user to understand and do it , and some software need an Extra Library to be installed …

These day there is many Solutions for Installing software on linux , such as Autopackage* and Online Packages through Package Managers , and Complete Guides to install Software on many linux Distro , even Windows Softwares through Windows Emulator as Wine …


Easy to install the software you need through the Package Manager , which is the common feature of known and usable Linux Operating systems …Package Manager as Synaptic Package Manager simple and easy to use , Search or Browse For the software you seek , then select it and click apply , in mins/secs ( according to your internet connection and the Software/s You choose ) you’ll be ready to use this software …


Using the Debian Based Linux ( eLive , LinuxMint , DreamLinux , Ubuntu ) , i enjoyed the amount of software i installed and tried from the Debian repositories , but something i missed , The Medical Software like EMRs , Image Analysis tools ,…….etc
there is a Scientific and Mathematics categories at Debian Packages -link- , and with some Biological softwares , but huge lack of Medical software …..


in the first lost archive of i wrote about debian-med and some medical softwares which run on linux which suggest some good progress in Medical-Linux software and usability , but using the Linux repositories makes me wonder why in linux world we always have defect in medical software and attention to spread and publish these software .?!!!!

The message is ” We need to see Varation of medical software at Linux repositories , and Multi format Linux software Packages ” Deb , RPM , TGZ …” or Package the Software in Autopackage format ….

Conclusion :
regrading to the search and use of Linux we do and the suffring for lack of alternative Free Open Source medical packages on the common linux repositories , seems it’s not lack of Production as it’s Lack of use and decrease in number of the Users …

The Request :
1-adding Multi Packages format for the different Linux Distros at the official software site
2-packaging this software to the linux repositories ….
3-Using Autopackage
4-adding the software in any medical software directories and

Resources :

Hamza Emadeen Mousa


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