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FreeOnline Arabic Organs Trade system - Privacy Protection and Public Safety

10 days ago , a Friend sent me this site saying it’s the first Arabic application using Rubyonrails , so i added it to my todo list to see it later when i get some time , thinking of it as an armature work and training project as all other Arabic projects , a week ago this friend send me back

”strange you are a doctor , you should be interested “ ,

“ Interested ! About what exactly? “ ,

“ the site for blood donation “

“WHAT ? “

“Online Blood Donation “ …

here come to the monument , i stopped everything i was doing ( Closed all Browser window , Stop Coding , and close my Favorite Music ) and back to this miracle ( the site ) , Miracle to add this kind of project to become a training armature project !!!!!..

I Opened the site : to get simple interface design , and Fascinating Blood Donation Requests …. from the individuals ( Patients and Patient’s Relatives ) who are seeking for blood or people who are donating ….. some people add they want to donate their blood , ( good effort and Generous of Them !!!)…

But here comes the real example of involving the people who are unaware of Medical privacy , Privacy protection and Public safety in those kind of projects … as example Interesting Requests and submission you’ll get in the requests list :

Feel free to See all the Patient's Data online .with no restrictions or privacy by the patients and patient's relatives themselves


The common Arabic Misuse : The Project became something else

  • People ( Patient’s Relatives ) asking of Organs ( Kidneys ) and people who can donate it !!!

  • People saying They want to donate their one of their kidneys … Including Their own Cell phone Numbers and contact details .( My Question is : it’s selling Or donating “ Hard to tell the difference here )


Fascinating , I believe this site for blood donation ( i don’t know How ,but seems some people interested ) AND the hard reality it becomes something about Organs transplantation and Donation On line , ( i don’t wanna to say Trade ).kidney2.jpg


The Law is the Law and Now They have to Go : (Hot Fuzz –2007 movie , quote ‘ Simon Pegg ‘ ) :

The Medical Law included the Privacy Protection for the Patient safety and for the Patient sake …. here i see this site as example with developer doesn’t realize the Privacy Protection as one of the major items of the Medical Practice and Medical Info these day , surly he doesn’t expect it becomes that Far to be that danger for the public safety …

The Patients :

The Patient’s Relatives, are willing to do anything and crossing the red lines starting with paying Money , for what they believe it’s for the patient sake , and that’s why the official Medical systems made for , to Organize and arrange those kind of operation and events.

Awareness of the Privacy Protection , surely will be considered for the public safety , why : using unofficial systems that’s could include Unofficial people , unofficial methods to get what they want .. ( Imagine may be the Organized Crime )

Patient , Patient’s Relatives : Mostly don’t consider seeing the larger View as the System dose … what if the Patients can Do Official adds in the Newspaper asking for Kidneys , Livers , Hearts ??? I believe that’s The real Definition of “ Chaos “…

The Developer :

1-Unaware of the Medical Law , Privacy Control and Public Safety

2-Choose this Dangerous Project to applicate what he Just Learn ,

3-Didn’t read / know / Search about those types of medical projects , all what he knows ( Blood Types )

4-He provides a tool for Patients welling to do anything include paying for what they need to help them crossing the Official Desks , Helping them to not use the official Channels and Publishing / Publicize they Needs On line , Crossing the Official Channels is the real danger .. helping them in that silly way , doesn't solve the problems but it'll made the problem more complicated ..

5-helping the people they need Money or thinking their body as a tool of trade ( kidneys as example )to Contact with those Disparate patients … ( Open Market )

7-This developer , cross the Official Channels himself , Awareness or Complete Ignorance ( no Much Difference ) but this Kind of Project should be belong to the Official Channels and Under the medical law with restricted medical supervision …

Official Channels :

1-No Response yet .

2-The response should be follow by a Privacy/Public protection Move .

3-Respected and Restricted Law for the Medical project and unofficial Channels .

Conclusion :

Law : No Law Yet for Quite an On line events / projects / individual Moves like this !!!( International or Locals )

Developer Awareness : regrading what happened in this Project and how dangerous it’s for the public safety , seems the developers should read more about the points Considered in medical informatics projects , Privacy protection , and medical laws .

Official Desks /Channels and Control :If Those kind stuff controlled Or Mistreated It’ll Transfer it to an Open Market of Under Ground Medical activities and events .. which it’s Hard to be controlled , so Open Market , Organs Trade , and Underground medical activities Could be Controlled by the Mafia ( Why Not!!! ) so it could become WWW , World Wild Web not World Wide Web .

Dr-Hamza E.e Mousa

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