Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Creative Commons licencing in UK public sector

Eduserv have today announced study about the Usage of Creative Commons by cultural heritage organisations.

The use of Creative Commons licences allow public sector bodies such as libraries and museums to enable others to use their images and other resources on a not for profit basis.

As Eduserve say "Digital resources produced by publicly funded organisations are a valuable asset to the research and education community. Many people in the sector believe that access to and use of these digital resources could be better and that the wider use of open content licences would help to improve the situation."

Unlike the default “all rights reserved” copyright status, Creative Common’s “some rights reserved” approach enables organisations and individuals to use, share and copy texts, images and other materials easily and legally if they follow certain simple guidelines. The study will investigate how open licences, including those created by Creative Commons (CC), are used by cultural heritage organisations.

I would welcome the potential of these developments and hope that it is an initial example of moves to make the data and resources paid for by taxpayers money more widely available.

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