Friday, May 25, 2007

JMIR Volume 9, Issue 2 (Apr-Jun 2007)

Volume 9, Issue 2 (Apr-Jun 2007) of the Journal of Medical Internet Research has just been published and includes some interesting papers. The html versions are free for all and PDF versions available for subscribers.

Using Internet and Mobile Phone Technology to Deliver an Automated Physical Activity Program: Randomized Controlled Trial
Robert Hurling, Michael Catt, Marco De Boni, Bruce William Fairley, Tina Hurst, Peter Murray, Alannah Richardson, Jaspreet Singh Sodhi

Reach, Engagement, and Retention in an Internet-Based Weight Loss Program in a Multi-Site Randomized Controlled Trial
Russell E Glasgow, Candace C Nelson, Kathleen A Kearney, Robert Reid, Debra P Ritzwoller, Victor J Strecher, Mick Couper, Beverly Green, Kevin Wildenhaus

Internet-Based Interactive Health Intervention for the Promotion of Sensible Drinking: Patterns of Use and Potential Impact on Members of the General Public
Stuart B Linke, Elizabeth Murray, Ceri Butler, Paul Wallace

A Survey of Quality Assurance Practices in Biomedical Open Source Software Projects
Günes Koru, Khaled El Emam, Angelica Neisa, Medha Umarji

How Cancer Survivors Provide Support on Cancer-Related Internet Mailing Lists
Andrea Meier, Elizabeth J Lyons, Gilles Frydman, Michael J Forlenza, Barbara K Rimer

User-Centered Research on Breast Cancer Patient Needs and Preferences of an Internet-Based Clinical Trial Matching System
Nancy L. Atkinson, Holly A. Massett, Christy Mylks, Bethany Hanna, Mary Jo Deering, Bradford W. Hesse

Pilot Randomized Trial of the Effect of Wireless Telemonitoring on Compliance and Treatment Efficacy in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Carl J Stepnowsky (Jr.), Joe J Palau, Matthew R Marler, Allen L Gifford

Improving Information Technology Adoption and Implementation Through the Identification of Appropriate Benefits: Creating IMPROVE-IT
Kevin J Leonard, Dean F Sittig

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