Friday, May 04, 2007

JISC webinar - Friday

Friday - last day of the Web 2.0 webinar already. Today provides for a round-up of the week, discussion of issues arising in terms of Web 2.0 use by institutions, and individuals, and consideration of 'where from here', especially in terms of what JISC might be asked to do. Once again, I will try to update this post at intervals over the time of the 'live' session.

One suggestion raised is that JISC might fund studies into different models for provision of Web 2.0 tools (eg external to institutions, internal hosting, or different blends), including the benefits and drawbacks. There seem to be plenty of Web 2.0 tools around, so it seems debatable that JISC might have any role in developing tools.

Some people suggest that we are still at the beginning of the learning curve on use of Web 2.0 in education; others suggest there is little quantitative evidence, but that there is some emerging qualitative data, at least on the issues that are emerging as important. Where institutions are providing tools, there seems, at present, not a great deal of take-up, and individual enthusiasts seem to be driving what work there is. Implications for pedagogy are still being explored. Issues of how to assess in Web 2.0 - especially in respect of groupwork - seem to be an important set of issues.

Do we need new assessment models and methods? How do we evaluate whether learners feel they have progressed, rather than assessment from the teacher's viewpoint?? If the pedagogic models are going to change, then who determines the nature of assessment/evaluation will doubtless change. Is assessment practice holding up the development of new pedagogic models?

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