Friday, May 18, 2007

Health Informatics Journal June 2007, 13 [2])

Health Informatics Journal -- Table of Contents (June 2007, 13 [2])

The latest edition of this journal has just been made available & contains some interesting papers:

Executive management and IT innovation in health: identifying the barriers to adoption
Ian England and Don Stewart

Competencies for graduate curricula in health, medical and biomedical informatics: a framework
Qi Rong Huang

The influence of electronic medical record usage on nonverbal communication in the medical interview
John M. McGrath, Nedal H. Arar, and Jacqueline A. Pugh

Barriers to the adoption of electronic health records: using concept mapping to develop a comprehensive empirical model
Arun Vishwanath and Susan D. Scamurra

Developing services for head injury: obtaining the data
Helen M. Seeley

The impact of electronic patient records on workflow in general practice
Matthew R. Cauldwell, Caroline E. Beattie, Benita M. Cox, William J. Denby, Jessica A. Ede-Golightly, and Fiona L. Linton


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