Thursday, May 03, 2007

EFQUEL seminar

I recently heard about an interesting seminar being organised by the EFQUEL(European Foundation for Quality in eLearning) in the Healthcare sector which has a working group of healthcare organisations all around Europe aiming to promote excellence and innovation in this strategic sector.

The event will be held on 16th May 2007 at The Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at Sheffield Hallam University, Broomgrove Rd., Sheffield, UK.

The meeting aims at bringing members of the WG and experts from the Fields of technology, education and training, research, industry and Governmental organisations together to discuss the Action Plan of the WG and the results after one and half year of activities.

The meeting themes are:

Theme 1: best experiences/practices of application of the quality system
(e.g. EFQM/ISO, Quality Mark of EFQUEL) in healthcare sector.

Theme 2: Innovate training and learning methods in healthcare system
(e.g. Food Safety, Clinical Audit, Patient e-Education)

Theme 3: Enhancing the Intellectual Human capital of the practitioners
And professionals in the healthcare system

The international seminar aims to promote the vision on the role of technology in promoting lifelong learning, innovation and desirable change in the healthcare sector.

The seminar themes are:

Theme 1: State of e-learning in Europe

Theme 2: Developing within e-learning in healthcare services

Theme 3: Quality Assurance Framework

Admission is free, but participants will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation and living expenses. A registration phase will be in operation from 2nd May to 14th May.

The registration includes lunches and coffees on 16 May 2007 and the Seminar Proceedings. Please note that the working language of the meeting and seminar will be English, and the seminar proceedings will be published in English only.

I would like to go but am busy on 16th May. If anyone would like to go contact:
Vince Ion on 07796 888573 or email:

& if you do go perhaps you'd like to feedback on this blog the key themes which are discussed.



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