Thursday, May 03, 2007

The CHIRAD blog

As of May Day 2007, there is a new CHIRAD blog. Go to to read, subscribe, comment, etc.

It is certainly not meant to be a rival to Informaticopia, but is both more focused and will probably cover a wider range of things. It is designed to be a communications mechanism about CHIRAD, its Fellow/Members (including Rod and myself) and its activities, and a vehicle for CHIRAD people, and others, to discuss a range of issues. So, as well as covering e-learning and health informatics (the main areas of focus of Informaticopia), it will also cover free/libre and open source software, CHIRAD's teaching and research activities, and whatever else we feel like adding there.

CHIRAD's main portal is at - we also have a new domain at, where we are exploring the possibilities offered by Google Apps for Domains - see for a 'permanently beta' front page.

Peter Murray, Founding Fellow and Director, CHIRAD

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