Thursday, April 05, 2007

XML summer school

The development and application of emerging technologies in healthcare continues with XML emerging as a key method for patient-centred health records systems.

The XML summer school to be held in Oxford 22nd -27th July this summer has a focus on XML in Healthcare with a two-day course is aimed specifically at healthcare IT professionals, planners, managers and clinical IT users who need to understand the way in which XML is being applied in healthcare markets, across the world.

The course surveys XML and other related open standards, including HL7, that are being applied to the management and exchange of information in healthcare.

Module 1: XML and Open Standards in Healthcare

· XML and Open Standards Applied in Healthcare

· HL7 Implementation Practice

· Anatomy of a Shared Care System

· How XML supports Clinical Governance in Shared Care

Module 2: Architectures for Health Records

· Information Models for Health Records

· Local, Regional and National Architectures for Health Records

· Towards Clinical decision Support

· A Global Market for Standards-based Health Records

If I wasn't saving all my time and pennies for the Medinfo conference in Australia in August I would consider going myself.


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