Thursday, April 19, 2007

Public Accounts Committee Report on NPfIT

I only noticed today, when this week's 'Computer Weekly' popped through my letterbox (yes, the dead tree version) that the Public Accounts Committee's latest report into NPfIT was published on April 17.

Some points from the report's Summary, which has four conclusions, include:
- no firm plans have been published for deploying software to achieve the vision of a shared electronic patient clinical record;
- the suppliers to the Programme are clearly struggling to deliver, and ... the Department [of Health] is unlikely to complete the Programme anywhere near its original schedule;
- the Department has much still to do to win hearts and minds in the NHS, especially among clinicians;
- four years after the start of the Programme, there is still much uncertainty about the costs of the Programme for the local NHS and the value of the benefits it should achieve.

Computer Weekly say that 'The government is expected to respond to the report and its recommendations by July.'

I don't think any comment is needed on the above - but may feel a need to provide some when I have been through the full report.

The report is available via the the House of Commons website >>> and the Computer Weekly report on their website >>>

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