Monday, April 16, 2007

More on NHS University

Since putting the Wells report on the web at the end of last week, I've had lots of interesting conversations mostly with journalists but also with people who used to work for NHSu.

I've noticed coverage on:
E Health Insider - Report warns of embarrassment over NHSu's £72m
Doctors Net (which I can't access)
Busynurse - Sir William Wells' Review of the NHSU
Dr Grumble - £72m down the drain?
Dr Rant - NHS Univeristy: waste, lies, and spin
Save Bedford Hospital (Vote4barry) - Another £72million wasted

If you know of others please let me know.

While checking out these sites I did a search for NHS University - many of the old web sites about it exist on domains but I was slightly surprised when I clicked on & found adverts for lingerie and gambling - the domain appears to be for sale to the highest bidder - I thought domains were strictly controlled by Connecting for Health to ensure the corporate brand and quality was maintained?


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