Monday, March 19, 2007

HC2007 - Lord Hunt speech

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath OBE, Minister of State for Quality, Department of Health has responsibility for IT in the NHS, and for patient safety. Those who were expecting any significant new announcements were disappointed; as far as I could see, he did not say a great deal that was new, but focused on an overview of some of the benefits to date from NPfIT.

He says his number one issue is improving care and reducing errors. The NHS needs national standards for treatments of conditions, regulation to ensure local provision is to satisfactory standards, and money – and supported by the IT system.
The biggest challenge now is local ownership of NPfIT – engagement with local NHS organisations is where energy needs to be put. The creation of NHS Local Ownership Programme (NLOP) aims to fully engage chief executives and trust boards. The challenges to future delivery include refocusing efforts on the most important components – electronic prescriptions and prescribing, Acute Trust Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and integrating primary and secondary care. A 'charter of requirements' is being drawn up.

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