Sunday, March 04, 2007

Health Information and Libraries Journal 24:1 (March 2007)

The latest edition of the Health Information and Libraries Journal 24:1 (March 2007) is now available. It has some interesting papers including:

The emerging Web2.0 social software: an enabling suite of sociable technologies in health and health care education
Maged N. Kamel Boulos, Steve Wheeler

Effectiveness of information skills training and mediated searching: qualitative results from the EMPIRIC project
Alison Brettle, Claire Hulme, Paula Ormandy

Evaluating the impact of library user training programmes across Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority in the UK
Valerie M Trinder, Geoffrey E Fleet, Anne E Gray

Growth in biomedical publications and scientific institutions in the Emirates (1998-2004): an Arabian renaissance?
Karen Neves, Wim J. E. P. Lammers

National Vocational Qualifications: the candidates experience
Susan Isaac

Teachability: creating accessible learning and teaching in information skills
Margaret E. S. Forrest, Anne E. Simpson

Who will appraise the appraisers?-The paper, the instrument and the user
Andrew Booth

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