Tuesday, March 20, 2007

HC2007 - More on exhibitors

A couple more honourable mentions to exhibitors who are doing a good job of seling their wares, not just to those who they think might buy, but doing a broader good promotional job. Being registered as press for HC2007, I have over the past 10 days or so had a deluge of emailed press releases; most quickly got deleted, but sometimes the PR people seem to hit the hooks just right.

AxSys Technology's ( release talked about real life examples of their systems, in particular in Scotland and in cancer services - and they had an invite to their Monday evening reception. They put on a good spread, even if not too many people attended, and were helpful and honest in their discussions of their products. Their 'Excelicare' system for collaborative work looks interesting and worth having a further look around.

The people at WebVMC/RemoteNurse ( also very helpful in talking about their system of integrated telehealth devices (a real life example of the sort of interoperability that David Whitlinger was talking about this morning). They also have Age Concern involved with their developments, and seem to have some real life case studies of benefits deriving, although maybe haven't yet answered the question about whether it is cheaper than hospital care, or just offset/hidden costs.

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