Monday, March 19, 2007

HC2007 - Mobile clinical assistant

Wandering round the exhibition, it seems very quiet. One piece of hardware that caught my attention was on the Intel stand, and their 'new mobile clinical assistant platform and Motion Computing's C5 product' ( At first glance, it looks very neat, but a short play with it revealed that there is still a lot of work to do on it (IMHO).

It is advertised as 'the first point of care solution that was designed for clinicians with clinican input' (according to the text of their launch invitation); looking at tghe functionality, I'm wondering just how much clincian input there was. The device itself seems pretty much like a standard tablet PC, although with a few tweaks. My first issue is with the weight of it - my Toshiba Portege is lighter. The handwriting recognition for data input seemed to work well for simple things, like temperatures etc. - but I was concerned that the demo device accepted an obviously spurious temperature. Patient checking is by either barcode reading or RFID tag (why both?) - and it took a long time to read the RFID tag even when it was held against the device.

The look and specs seem to be trying to move towards the sort of device that anyone who has attended any of his talks recently will recall Mike Bainbridge, from CfH, saying is needed - but the limited poke around I had with this device seems to show it has a long way to go.

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