Monday, March 19, 2007

HC2007 - Do exhibitors not want publicity?

You know how it is; you're just composing a blog post and something happens to disprove your theory and your nicely crafted words. After spending some time wandering around the HC2007 exhibition this afternoon, I was coing to the conclusion that most of the exhibitors were not interested in talking to the press. They look at your press badge and look away, or are not as interested in talking as they are if you have a badge that indicates you might have some money to spend.

A couple of honourable exceptions, though - two exhibitors who are here for the first time were happy to talk, so I will give them a mention. Remind Patients have a text and voice messaging system to remind patients to attend appointments - I hope it works better than NHS Healthspace (, which certainly does not seem to work in this way in my experience - and they don't even have the decency to reply to emails. Another newcomer this year to the exhibition is SpectrumITech ( with their 'ViewPortal' document and records management system. Finally, an honourable mention to Devlin Mobile Computing, who actually wanted to talk to a media person about their new healthcare keybaord, a fully sealeed unit aimed at contributing to reducing infection risks ( Thanks, people, for taking the time. maybe tomorrow I'll name names for the exhibitors most blatantly ignoring the media.

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