Thursday, March 08, 2007

Doctoral Studentship - E-learning and Health Informatics @ UWE

Doctoral Studentship - E-learning and Health Informatics (HSC/DS2)

This doctoral studentship in E-learning and Health Informatics has just been made available & will be appearing in the Times Higher Ed this week.

Proposals should relate to one or more of the following areas:

- Use of e-portfolios/ evaluation of e-portfolios

- Online Communities of Practice supporting professional working

- Application of handheld/mobile technologies in health and social care practice/education

- Technology based learning across further, higher education and health and social boundaries

- Measuring attitudes of health and social care staff to the use of IT

- Evaluating practice change resultant from of the use of electronically available health information

- Impact of technology on management/ education in the health and social care arena

The closing date is 23 April 2007 & further details are available from Deb Joy (contact details on the linked page)


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